His Excellency Mr. Salah Ben Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, issued a decision appointing author Mariam Yassin Al-Hamadi, as a Director of the Department of Culture and Arts of the Ministry, to succeed Mr. Faisal Al-Suwaidi.


This new position of Professor Maryam Hamadi is added to her tenure as Director-General of the Country Forum of Authors. In special statements to “Al- Sharq”, Hamadi thanked His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports for this confidence. She said: “We would not have achieved any achievement had it not been for his guidance and continued support, and with him, we are completing what my colleague, Professor Hamad Al-Zakiba, started and after him Professor Faisal Al- Suwaidi, who gave the Department of Culture and Arts so much.”


Professor Maryam Al-Hamadi added, “We will continue with them and all intellectuals to serve Qatari culture. We will also complete projects to achieve cultural indicators as adopted in the culture strategy. Through its strategy for the period 2018-2022, the Ministry seeks to provide a developing cultural environment and a host to the energies of the Qatari community in all its components in order to strengthen its capacity in a national development project that will be transferred to the ranks of developed and civilized countries, making the State of Qatar a model for its cultural role, both regionally and internationally, and based on the conscience of its indigenous people and based on a human civilizational value system. The Ministry is setting up a cultural system based on orientations, all of which constitute life perspectives, leading society to establish a civilizational pattern that is reflected in its people’s dealings with each other in different walks of life. They include a view of man, a view of time, a view of science, a view of life, a view of nature, and a view of the other.


In this context, the strategy of the Ministry has set out its cultural orientation towards strengthening the role of culture as a framework for the preservation of identity, the promotion of citizenship and the communication of civilizations by promoting the role of the cultural landscape by fostering and supporting cultural production aimed at strengthening the elements of national identity through the development of cultural attractions that increase the level of cultural participation, the creation and fostering of cultural talents, the development of cultural production that enhances national identity, and the organization of events that contribute to cultural outreach with resident communities, The State of Qatar’s cultural status should also be strengthened regionally and internationally, in addition to protecting heritage and promoting greater knowledge of society.


The Department of Culture and Arts aims at supporting and sponsoring the cultural and artistic movement and providing the means for its development, supervising cultural bodies, holding cultural and artistic events inside and abroad, and receiving cultural and artistic events from other States, In coordination with the competent authorities, prepare policies, studies and development plans relating to culture and the arts, establish the conditions and criteria for the establishment of artistic groups of all kinds, issue them with the necessary licenses to carry out their work, follow up the work of such groups, establish the conditions and criteria for the establishment of cultural and artistic centres, study applications for their establishment and take the procedure for the issuance of licenses, in accordance with the organizing law, proposing the dissolution or merging of the centers concerned with culture and arts supervised by the Ministry, granting licenses for setting up artworks and controlling them, granting licenses for holding public artistic concerts and artistic activities, and supervising the Qatar National Theatre.