In an initiative by the writer, Muhammad Al-Jufairi, Leadership Innovation Expert and Member of Qatar Forum for Authors, “Coronavirus Crisis” initiative was published to anticipate the coming phase through an electronic book entitled “How to Get Benefit of Crises and Turn Them into Entrepreneurial Projects” (Kayf ‘Astafid Min Al’azamat Wa’ahulaha ‘Iilaa Masharie Riadia) in PDF version. This book targets entrepreneurs who are willing to start their projects and seize opportunities available during Coronavirus crisis.
The book highlighted business activities and available opportunities, specifically in the State of Qatar . This book can also be useful for those who are outside Qatar if they apply the same tips mentioned in the book.
In the first topic of the book, Al-Jufairi presented 4 different scenarios predicting the coming period and what the situation under Coronavirus crisis. First scenario is a decrease in infections as a result of social distancing measures and life returning back to normal during the months of summer. Second scenario is a decrease in the infections curve and life will gradually get back to normal with the beginning of the summer months, but the virus will return in winter. Third scenario is that virus’s activity will disappear with the beginning of the summer months and it will not return again. Fourth and last scenario, which is the most pessimistic scenario, is that full lockdown will continue until the end of the year. Then, Al-Jufairi began to present a set of assumptions that are consistent with all the possible scenarios and results.
The Qatari inventor also presented a detailed study on the affected sectors as well as opportunities available for investment in each sector. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the current situation in important projects.