God the Almighty created the universe beautiful, and every human cultural addition to this universe is an aesthetic addition, according to the optimal vision, which is a basic requirement for every cultural building that does not rebel against values, morals, public taste and human dignity.

The relationship to culture is determined by the concerns of the understanding of historical accumulations as a place and time for the privacy of each people, with its historical expressions and heritage, the vocabulary of their daily life, and the effects of interim values through generations.

Few days and the date of Doha International Book Fair will come in a new cultural challenge that the Ministry of Culture in order to achieve the appropriate level under a public direction that the State of Qatar established with its clear regional reputation, which was proven by a distinguished presence at all levels, and in several witnessed international forums.

I say it is a new challenge, for several reasons, including the sudden timing for an audience that receives the Fair in the summer months, where the holidays abound and the travel season flourishes, in addition to the compatibility of its establishment with the middle of the month and what was said that it may not be suitable for middle-income people who prefer that the date of establishing such an expected event at a time will correspond to the deposit of salaries, to be able to buy comfortably, but the matter has its reasons and requirements that were not hidden from officials of this huge and important forum.

In addition, the expansion of the perception and the comprehensiveness of the vision necessitate being optimistic about the result. No one can ignore the basic role that the cultural act plays in shaping the mechanisms of communication and integration between individuals and groups and all parts of the production of values and intellectual patterns.

Therefore – Personally – I expect a successful success, that will satisfy us, depending on the experience of the nearby Ramadan book fair that was amazing in its success and the depth of its impact, despite all the difficulties that accompanied his residence, when the audience interacted significantly and Darb Al-Saai headquarters were filled with thirsty families who need a different trip which takes them away from the spirit of exhaustion that is rampant in many young generation in addition to establishing an interactive cultural situation in which the book is available, in which dialogue is available with writers, interacting with symposiums and creating a social harmony with public attention.

It is always hoped for this Fair to establish the state of encouraging the establishment of libraries in every home, discussing the ideas of the book, speakers, attendees and readers as well as reading addresses, reviewing books designs and directing arts. The pavilions that display manuscripts, drawings, paintings, and visits of the corners that offer a rich material for children and the generation of young people in addition to coexisting the aesthetics of the authors and attending the signing celebrations that they hold to enhance the encouragement of writing, reading and rapprochement between the writer and the recipient, remembering the distinguished successes that were achieved for the Book Fair that was held in more difficult circumstances during Corona global crisis.

What are these previous successes and subsequent hopeful successes, God willing, which are achieved by the Ministry with its departments and officials in all sectors led by the an intellectual minister who enjoys an authentic Arab culture, which draws its thought from a deep, great and Arab heritage “poetry and prose”, with seriousness in the work aimed at filling the place and achieving the status in a way that suits ambition and benefits society, according to concerns and dictations that the conscious leaders attaches to its cultural policy, with material and moral support in order to improve its common life and openness to its energies and creative competencies within its societies. Thus, we find the cultural act clearly effectively influencing the public spaces, which contributes to the integration of the educational role played by the school, and is consistent with the disciplinary awareness aspect practiced by the mosque.

How much we need to restore the awareness of a whole generation that almost proceeds with marginalized convictions!