Children of all ages line up in the Al Shaqab at the area of ​​Darb Al Saai, daily to enjoy horseback riding and watch the special performances presented by the cavalry, where this event, which is witnessing a large turnout, provides a close acquaintance with the Qatari heritage in the breeding and taming of the Arabian horses and their various uses in the past.

In a distinctive heritage atmosphere, the parents are keen to encourage their children to ride horses by taking souvenir photos of them, as this has many benefits on their personalities, in addition to being a special occasion to enhance their knowledge of the authentic Qatari heritage.

Ahmed Al-Hamidi: A unique opportunity to get to know the horse closely

Ahmed Khaled Al-Hamidi said: The responsibility of the event that horse riding is an entertainment activity dedicated for children, but, at the same time, it brings many benefits to them, including teaching them how to deal with horses and the correct way to ride them, as well as providing them with information about their sizes, types, ages, as well as their nutrition, which is a unique opportunity to learn all this information closely and on the ground

Regarding the level of turnout for the event, Al-Hamidi said: Horseback riding is a unique destination for children in Darb Al-Saai, as it attracts hundreds of them daily, and the fact that this event affects them greatly. Before riding a horse, some hesitate and may be afraid of it, but, after helping them and explaining how to deal with horses and riding them, this fear dissipates, and the fun of this sport begins which is related to our environment, heritage, and our Qatari and Arab culture.

He added: Among the many benefits of horse riding is enhancing children’s self-confidence, strengthening their personalities, and getting them used to trying new and useful things, and this would benefit them in various aspects of their lives.

Fahd Al-Dosari: Pride in the heritage of the ancestors

In turn, Fahd Al-Dossary said that he came with his children to teach them horse riding because of its many benefits, pointing out that this event, along with camel riding and shooting, develops their mental, personal and scientific abilities, and all of this coincides with hosting the World Cup. These celebrations and events that spread throughout the homeland represents an exceptional experience for adults and children, as they learn about the heritage of the ancestors, their customs and traditions, and take pride in them, and at the same time, they witness one of the most important national achievements, which is hosting the World Championship.

Umm Amer: Distinguished organization and concern for the safety of children

In turn, Umm Amer said that the horse-riding event is very popular with her children, as they ask for it and race to enjoy it. What increase this fun is the distinguished organization of the event and the keenness of those in charge of it for the safety of children and teaching them to ride horses in the correct way, and, therefore, we, as parents, urge our children to try it because of the benefits it has on their personalities. One of my sons was hesitant at first, but, when he saw his brother riding it and enjoying it He also came forward and asked for a ride, and, now, he enjoys it whenever we visit Darb Al Saai

Meshlish Al-Hajri: A message that we pass on from generation to generation

For his part, Meshlash Al-Hajri said that horse riding introduces children to the heritage of parents and grandparents and teaches them how they used to deal with horses and use them in their daily lives, which is a message that we inherit from generation to generation.

He added: This event and others such as camel riding, archery, falconry, poetry, marine heritage, pearl hunting and fish connect children to our roots and our authentic identity, and introduce them to the efforts and hardships of the ancients to secure their livelihood and earn a living.