On its final day, the Qatari Youth Forum witnessed presenting programs bearing the titles “Prize of Our Ethics, Student Council and Modern Communication, on the table … Student Council” in cooperation with Qatar University.

The winners of the national creativity competitions at the Girls’ Creativity Centre were also honoured, and a presentation of the “Focus a little” initiative presented by the Youth Media Centre, in addition to signing agreements between the youth centres and the Qatari science club.

Furthermore, the guests attended the inauguration of the “Innovator” magazine issued by the Qatari Scientific Club, the launch of the “Youth Centre for Hobbies”, and the presentation of a program entitled “Lightness Games”. The guests also watched a play titled “An honest Attitude”, presented by the Centre for Theatre Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. In addition, there was also the signing of a memoranda of understanding between the Qatari scientific club and youth centres, and a group of clubs and youth centers, including among others the Leadership Centre for Girls, the Girls’ Creativity Centre, the Simaisma Youth Centre, and the Girls’ AL-Khor Centre.