The Qatar Poetry Center “Diwan Al Arab”, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, continues to receive the participants of its “Nazra” competition. This competition comes within the framework of keenness to create a generation of distinguished poets, and to open literary and poetry discussions.

Since its inauguration on World Poetry Day in March 2017, “Diwan Al Arab” has managed to attract the largest number of poets and poetic talents, and create the right climate for local poets and contributed to the development of their abilities, and spread the culture of poetry to create a generation of creative poets, in line with the framework of the Center’s keenness in promoting the poetic notables of society and preserving the cultural identity, in a way that commensurate with the cultural nature of society, in which poetry occupies the center stage.

Shibib bin Arar Al Nuaimi, director of the Qatar Poetry Center (Diwan Al Arab), said that the “Nazra” Competition launched by the Qatar Poetry Center is one of the arab monthly competitions of a global nature, where It is launched on social media (Instagram Qatar Poetry Center), he explained that the competition is specialized every month in a different international language in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the State concerned, pointing out that in line with the language chosen there will be a jury which is selected to sort the winner.

Al Nuaimi added that the aim of this competition comes in order to exchange literary cultural among peoples and spread the literature and values of the Qatari society, as well as for activating literary partnerships of Qatari poets with the world.

Al-Naimi explained that the target group in this competition are the speakers of the chosen language residing in Qatar, and the chosen country.

As for the prizes of the competition, which is QR 10,000, in addition to an invitation to the winner to attend the International Poetry Day in Qatar and honoring him among the winners from other countries.

Regarding the selection of the committee, Al-Naimi said that the committee supervising the competition is selected through the Cultural Center of the chosen country, speaking the same language.

It is worth mentioning that this competition is held under the slogan “monthly, local, Arab, international”, and aims to enrich the poetic movement with promising young talents, in order to achieve the vision of the ministry (towards a conscious society with an authentic conscience and a healthy body), as demonstrated during the projects and events held by the Center From time to time, where the most prominent one during the recent period was, the competition “poet universities”, and was held over the past two years in both “Fluent and Nabatean Poetry”, which resulted in many young poetic talents, that led the “Diwan AL Arab” to announce its intention to support them, and let them be presented in various platforms and events where the Diwan participates, either inside or outside the country.

The winners of “Diwan Al Arab” competitions shall have the chance to participate in its various activities, in addition to being present through its digital platforms, which witness a great interaction by its pioneers, reflecting the convergence of their interests and talents, with the umbrella provided by the Center through its various activities, events and competitions.