His Excellency Dr. Saud bin Hamoud Al Habsi, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources of the Sultanate of Oman, visited Darb Al Saai yesterday, and made a tour accompanied by Dr. Ghanem Al Ali, the General Supervisor of the National Day celebrations, where he was briefed on the activities held in Darb Al Saai, starting from the Al Shaqab and Al Souk areas, passing through the Al Bidaa areas, Al-Maqtar and its various events and activities. He also visited Liwan area and toured the ceramics exhibition, which contains a group of artworks on display.

His Excellency praised Darb Al Saai and the activities it contains, with all the ancient heritage it contains, especially the marine and land heritage, as he saw that it is considered a preserver of heritage and cultural heritage.

He stressed that it is important for every country to preserve its national identity because whoever has no past has neither a present nor a future.

He added by saying that “I think that the efforts made in Darb Al Saai to preserve the Qatari, Gulf and Arab identity is a good thing, and we thank those in charge of it.”

He explained that the most important thing that caught his attention during his tour in Darb Al Saai was the large presence of families, as the place is a beautiful outlet for them, and there is a great diversity in the events and activities provided, which indicates the importance of Darb Al Saai.