Yesterday, the activities of the “Qatari Success” festival continued for the second consecutive day, which witnessed the organization of a number of forums, lectures, workshops and various sessions that meet the aspirations of the audience. The organizing committee was keen to involve the public in voting for the festival award through the application of “Qatari Success” for the best in the 10 categories included in the award.


The award categories include Best Youth Initiative, Best Inventor, Best Poem, Best Social Media Platform, Best Local Program in a Local Channel, Best Social Media Influencer, Best Ministry or Government Service Institution, Best Young Broadcaster, Best Read Newspaper, and Best Entrepreneur project.


During the State Institutions Forum, Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Falasi, Director of the Public Relations and Communication Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, commended the ministry’s important role in cooperating with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in the framework of preparations and aptitudes for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup, as it provided the necessary needs of government lands for the competition`s requirements. Represented by the sites of fan villages, training grounds, logistical sites and other needs that help in the success of the competition.


He continued: The environmental sector is making great efforts to make this competition environmentally friendly, by achieving all environmental specifications and requirements, and setting up an air quality monitoring station for each stadium to ensure the achievement of appropriate environmental conditions globally and in accordance with Qatari standards, in addition to planting a large number of trees to contribute to reducing emissions. carbon and ensure the continuation of the championship in a healthy environment.


Environmental Balance

With regard to environmental conservation efforts, he said: The environmental sector is working hard to preserve the survival of vital systems, restore balance, preserve the environment and develop and sustain its resources, which are the resources of future generations. Where it supervises the implementation of many environmental projects and initiatives, including the establishment of natural reserves that cover 23% of the country’s area, most notably the “Al Reem Biosphere Reserve”, which was included under the umbrella of the United Nations “Man and the Biosphere Program” in 2007, as well as the rehabilitation of And the development of gardens and their cultivation with trees of the Qatari environment, as well as the implementation of the initiative to plant one million trees, the initiative to establish a green belt around the city of Doha and its suburbs, and other projects and initiatives.


With regard to dealing with the Corona pandemic, he stressed that the Ministry of the Municipality and the Environment had taken all necessary measures to maintain its role and services without interruption and with the compliance with the health measures and precautions established by the State. In the field of general hygiene, hygiene services were provided in quarantine sites for people infected with Corona, garbage collection containers, waste removal vehicles and field teams, and the provision of protective supplies for hygiene teams such as temperature check devices, protective clothing, safety glasses, safety shoes, gloves and masks.


Precautionary Measures

He added: The municipal sector has played a prominent role in the response to and reduction of the Corona virus epidemic. A number of preventive measures and precautionary measures have been taken. The most important of these have included large-scale sterilization and cleansing campaigns by all municipalities, covering all areas, vital areas, government institutions, hospitals, health centres, schools and neighborhoods.


All roads, main streets, parks, shops and governmental and non-governmental enterprises have been sterilized and cleared. Campaigns continue and are being carried out on an ongoing basis, as well as extensive inspections of food facilities to ensure food safety and the commitment of food workers.


The Ministry was keen to support all community-based initiatives relating to its activities and areas of work, whether in the area of environment, conservation, natural resources, hygiene, forestry and agriculture, food safety, etc. Such efforts were encouraged and participated in by the competent departments of the Ministry. Its leaders were also honored by institutions, associations, companies, schools, communities and individuals who have provided exemplary examples of patriotism through their voluntary efforts.

World Cup Preparations

For his part, Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Muhanadi, Director of Public Relations and Communication at Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” said: KAHRAMAA’s continuous participation in the “Qatari Success” Festival comes as support for Qatari youth and permanent Qatari successes, as our participation as a Qatari national governmental institution is among the participations. In any national event that serves the community and future generations.


He pointed out that the Corporation has multiple contributions, participation and achievements in line with the State’s 2030 strategies, with regard to providing electricity and water services with high quality and the required speed, and this is done through the solidarity of the internal teams in KAHRAMAA and under the directives of the higher management with the technical and administrative staff, engineers and experienced people in the Corporation concerned with working to provide These services for citizens are of high quality that keeps pace with global requirements, in addition to what contributes to covering the country’s expansion needs, including upcoming events, especially the FIFA World Cup (Qatar 2022), and other future events.


He added: The Qatari State Electricity and Water Corporation is ready for any event that the State is preparing to organize and for any future expansion that requires the provision of basic services on a distinct and continuous basis to citizens. He noted that the Foundation had worked on a number of projects during the past period, including preparations for the World Cup in terms of equipment for stadiums located in the State, including Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayan Stadium, Al-Bayt Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium and South Stadium, as well as the metro stations, where services had been completed ahead of schedule. in addition to providing environmentally friendly stadium cooling services.


He revealed the Al-Kharsaah Solar Energy Project, which is a great source of electricity as an alternative to the current energy that consumes large amounts of gas and oil, as solar energy will be the alternative, and it works through solar panels.


In turn, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mawlawi, Director of Communications and Public Relations “Al- Rail” said: The presence of the Doha Metro in the file of the World Cup and other competitions is an element of strength, and one of our challenges is for the fan to attend one, two or three matches on the same day, which did not happen. In any country in the world.


For his part, Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs Abdul Aziz Al Qubaisi said: There is support for productive families… and soon there will be special stores for these families to open new horizons for marketing their products and integrating them in the local market. There is also the Ministry’s support for young people, by holding many workshops and introductory seminars for entrepreneurs, and we are always working to develop productive families and provide them with a unique atmosphere for sale in various regions of the country.