Through its accounts on social media and for three days synchronizing the blessed Eidul-Fitr, Al-Aziziya Youth Centre launched a competition entitled “Your Eidieah With Al-Azizia is Different” (Eidieah is gift money given in Eid). There shall be two winners on each day and in kind prizes were allocated to the winners.
Questions of the Competition are about heritage on Qatar, such as which tools were used in the old days, old Qatari terminology as well as other questions that actively stimulate the participants’ memory and closely link them to the ancient Qatari heritage. It is necessary that the youth category specifically shall have adequate and sufficient information about our State’s heritage. Competitions are contributory factor to achieve this end.
The competition aims to educate youth, expand their knowledge and urge them to search for information. This makes them use their spare time during Eid holiday in useful things. This is in addition to sharing the blessed Eidul-Fitr joy with youth, while everyone is committed to home quarantine and follows precautionary measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus in implementation of advice and guidance of relevant authorities in the State. This year, Eidul-Fitr is in exceptional conditions. Throughout the days of the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Aziziya Youth Centre has launched three competitions as well as a wide range of health and sports activities and programs that were all provided remotely and witnessed huge participation.