The handicrafts located within Darb Al Saai market attracted the masses and crowds and those interested in discovering this heritage hobby that shows the stages of making crafts, including ceramics, which have multiple uses and are not devoid of in Qatari homes and Majalis (councils), as they are used for decoration, and some of them are used for cooking and drinking.

The Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations is keen every year on the presence of handicraft makers, and this year I visited some handicrafts, including ceramics, to be present and witness a large turnout from the masses on a daily basis in Darb Al Saai, as this craft goes through several stages to obtain the piece to be manufactured, and that starts from the beginning of shaping it with clay, until entering it into the kiln for the first time, and then applying colors, or rather painting it, and re-entering it into the kiln for the second time, and thus it is ready for use.

Humaid Al-Qahtani confirmed that, during our participation this year in Darb Al Saai activities, we are keen to provide the audience with the opportunity to participate in the process of manufacturing pottery pieces on the pottery wheel, in addition to involving them in the process of choosing colors for the pieces that suit them and coloring them, and then re-inserting them into the oven and after removing it, it is displayed to be ready for use.

He commend the efforts of the Ministry of Culture in providing him and many creative Qatari youth with professions and handicrafts the opportunity to participate in the activities of Darb Al Saai this year, praising the organization in the Darb Al Saai market, the distribution of shops, and ensuring that their names are traditional to be in line with the general shape of the market

Halima Al-Shamali said that: The stage of manufacturing porcelain pieces goes through several stages, including shaping them with clay, afterwards, they are placed on the spinning wheel, and then left to dry, after which the process of entering them into the oven takes place, and then taking them out to choose the appropriate color for them, and reheating them in the oven once, and, thus, it is ready for use, pointing out that its participation in Darb Al Saai activities came to explain to the public the process and stages of making ceramics, in addition to introducing the public to this heritage craft, as well as giving visitors the opportunity to choose the appropriate pieces for them after they manufacture them themselves, stressing that these crafts contribute to the preservation of handicrafts