Hamad Al-Hajri, Deputy Executive Director at Al-Aziziya Youth Centre, said that the Centre worked effectively and quickly to prepare a programmed plan to transfer all the activities of the centre to the electronic system and remote communication with the affiliates in light of what we are witnessing in the spread of the Corona pandemic.
Al-Hajri said through the “Ramadan and People” program on Qatar TV, that what we offer through Al-Aziziya Youth Centre and the transition to a remote communication system is in the interest of the country and the citizen in the beloved State of Qatar.
He explained that Al-Aziziya Youth Centre has changed all youth activities in the centre to the electronic system Zoom by starting with the most important and most prominent activities in the centre. These are “First Cook” workshop, presented by the Qatari chef Maryam Al-Khulaifi, and the program (Your Health is
More Important) with Dr. Asim and coach Abdul Rahman and the “Your Personal Brand” program in cooperation with Mr. Muhammad Haider, as well as the office software course, and the home fire prevention workshop that comes in cooperation with the civil defence.
About the program (Your Health is More Important) that was launched via the Zoom platform, Al-Hajri said that the idea came with what we are witnessing at the moment of home quarantine and the need to stay at home in the current period. This may cause to some inactivity and laziness. The program was divided into two parts. The first is by Dr. Assem, the nutrition expert, who explains the health aspect and the aspect of nutrition and its importance. The second part is presented by trainer Abdul Rahman who provides participants in the program the correct physical exercises that would help them to be active. Theses exercises are characterized by ease of application at home without the need to use Sports equipment that may be difficult to find.
About the method to participate in the programs offered by the Centre, Al-Hajri explained that it is possible to participate in those programs through various social media, specifically Twitter or Instagram. He further indicated that when using the hashtag of the Centre, anyone can submit and participate, explaining that there is a complete team equipped to receive any message or help anyone in the process of participation and viewing the various programs of the Centre.
Al-Hajri further pointed out that the affiliates of Al-Aziziya Youth Centre are accustomed to movement by leaving the school or home surroundings and attending at the programs provided by centre at its location. He explained that the process of keeping them at home and their participation in the programs that they were doing at home was not easy in the beginning, especially since it became practiced through computers or through various tablet machines.
Al-Hajri stressed that with those conditions imposed on us by the current situation, there is an excellent demand for the centre’s electronic programs. He added that “We have seen everyone participate in those various programs that have been launched.” He explained that there are new subscribers who are not affiliated with the Centre have been involved and registered in the various programs of the centre. “This,” he said “is more than we were expecting at the beginning of working remotely. He welcomed all who wish to participate in the various activities of the Centre by registering and participating through various social media sites.
Al-Hajri pointed out that Al-Aziziya Youth Centre offers in-kind awards to all participants, including iPads, Cell phones and other various awards. This is one of the motivating issues for young people to participate in the programs offered by the centre, which calls and contributes to the need to stay at home while practicing various activities.
At the end of the meeting, Al-Hajri demanded that all members of the Qatari community need to stay at home. “The capabilities available to us,” He stressed, “whether they are electronic devices or various social media programs, help us to do that and keep us informed of all that is new without the need to go out and expose ourselves and our families to infection.” Al-Hajri also welcomed all those wishing to participate in the activities and programs offered by Al-Aziziya Centre and said that the door is open to everyone to participate in the Centre’s activities.
Al-Azizia Youth Centre has launched three Ramadan competitions. These are: a competition for Garangoa, a competition for the best video and a daily competition that includes a question that is asked on the Centre’s pages on the social media a daily basis. A winner is chosen from the participants and his name is announced. These names are collected and they receive their prizes at the end of the month of Ramadan. The Centre aims through this competition to develop the knowledge and culture of boys and girls affiliated to the Centre. It urges them to search for the correct answer to the question on a daily basis, and they could thus invest their time in useful things during the holy month.
The “Most Beautiful Video” competition is also one of the competitions that help in developing the talents of the participants and discovering the creators among them. This competition gives the opportunity for the participant to design a video with an innovative idea. As for the Garangoa Competition, it is linked to the occasion of a tradition beloved to all the people of Qatar, which is the celebration of the middle of the Holy Month. Given the conditions that the country is currently undergoing in the shadow of the Corona pandemic, the Centre decided to celebrate with the affiliates in a different way this year. On the Centre’s pages on the social media,the three competitions have been launched and answers and posts are also received in the same way in application of the precautionary measures.