The Gulf publishing houses participating in Doha International Book Fair, in its thirty-second edition, present distinguished publications concerned with the history of the Arabian Peninsula, tribes, genealogies, popular poetry, and other books that concern literature, scientific research, and others.

Through the tour of the exhibition, the Gulf official participations were monitored, in addition to what the pavilions of Gulf publishing houses offer.

In this context, Mohammad Yahya Al-Hakami, the owner of Dar Al-Hakami from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said that: “We are participating for the first time in the exhibition with more than 400 diverse publications concerned with Arab and Gulf history in particular, literature and poetry,” pointing out that the exhibition is witnessing a great turnout, which contributed to the sale of a group of books.

Al-Hakami added that sales at Doha International Book Fair are not less than the level of sales at Riyadh International Book Fair, mentioning that most readers accept the purchase of literary books specialized in poetry, as Dar Al-Hakami specializes in selling books that are concerned with the history of the Arabian Peninsula and the lineages of its tribes. and popular poetry, explaining that the house has rare books, some of which date back nearly (100) years and the house still keeps copies of them.

For his part, Mr. Jamal Abdullah Al Nuaimi from the Omani Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth said that: “We are keen to participate in Doha International Book Fair every year by presenting a group of various Omani publications and new editions of the titles that were launched at Muscat International Book Fair, including the Omani Manuscript Book Which is currently displayed at Doha International Book Fair and other exhibitions as well, and other publications related to medical, literary, scientific, historical and Arabic books.

In a related context, Abdullah Khalaf Al-Enezi, the writer and the owner of the Kuwaiti House (Majarra) for Publishing and Distribution, said that: The house participates in more than (50) publications in Arabic and English that vary between literature and novels. The house is also distinguished by its publications in Japanese literature, whose audience is growing exponentially.

As for Saad Al-Badr, a journalist and official of the Nova Plus publishing and distribution house in the State of Kuwait, he said that Doha International Book Fair is one of the most important book fairs in the Arab world, explaining that the house is participating for the tenth time in the exhibition, and this year it presents various publications in literature, scientific books and research. and other specialized books.

He added that Doha International Book Fair is always distinguished by the holding of remarkable events, in addition to the elegant organization and the public turnout from different age groups, which is commensurate with the importance of this event, so we enjoy this exhibition not only as publishers but as visitors to it as well.

It is worth mentioning that the thirty-second session of Doha International Book Fair will conclude its activities the day after tomorrow, Wednesday.