Ahmed Khaled Al-Hamidi, Al Shaqab event official in Darb Al Saai, emphasized the success of the event in attracting different groups of visitors through various programs aimed at visitors, such as traditional horse shows carried out by Al Shaqab Academy students and the horse riding event, pointing out that the event organizers exploited the opportunity of Darb Al Saai to provide its services to groups Juniors do not usually participate in horse sports such as children under four years old.

Al-Hamidi explained that Darb Al Saai represents an opportunity to teach the largest possible number of community members on the ancient ways of riding horses, adding, “The category that does not have programs in Al Shaqab, we try to cover them on national holidays, such as children at the age of 2 and 4 years, as we have developed programs for them.” In Darb Al Saai, to get to know the horse and learn to ride it.” The event also targets older youth to learn the correct way to ride and handle the horse in a safe manner.

He pointed to the cooperation of the organizers of the event with the Organizing Committee for the National Day activities to provide a suitable place and time for young people from outside the academy to perform sword and spear shows on horses, which is a traditional heritage activity, explaining that it is a unique opportunity to work closely and on the ground, which brings many benefits to young people.

The importance of the Al Shaqab event lies in what it includes of various activities and events that satisfy all tastes, such as: horse beauty shows, horse and carriage riding, as well as heritage shows, as well as the many benefits of horse riding for children, including enhancing children’s self-confidence, strengthening their personalities, and getting them used to trying new and useful things. It would affect them in various aspects of their lives.

Al Shaqab event allows visitors to get acquainted with the Qatari heritage in terms of breeding and taming Arabian horses and their various uses in the past. This year, it also aims to involve the younger group in horse riding and learn about the advantages of Arabian horses.

For his part, Hamad Jamal Al-Hajri, one of the participants in the traditional horse shows, said: His participation in the show events with Arabian horses in Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal comes through his sense of responsibility to preserve the heritage of fathers and grandfathers, as Arabian horses are an integral part of the authentic Qatari heritage.

Al-Hajri explained that he rides horseback with an Arab saddle while wearing the traditional dress, and performs with his peers traditional shows with Arabian horses in a beautiful image that represents one of the features of heritage and reflects the history and glory of the State of Qatar.

In turn, Umm Jassim said that she encourages her children to ride horses and take souvenir photos of them on horseback, explaining that the Al Shaqab event and other heritage activities in Darb Al Saai connect children with Qatar’s authentic heritage, as they learn about the heritage of our ancestors and our authentic identity.

For his part, Ahmed Selim said that they attended him with his children and their participation in the Al Shaqab event in Darb Al Saai came to introduce them and teach them horse riding because of its many benefits, explaining that horse riding promotes self-esteem and develops children’s capabilities by giving them self-confidence, and also helps them improve their social skills.