Security and traffic men made great efforts over the days of holding the National Day activities in Darb Al Saai in order to organize the entry and exit of the masses and provide all means of comfort for them, as the security personnel were present at the gates daily before the entry time, which is three in the afternoon, in order to facilitate The process of entering the masses. At the same time, traffic patrols were present in the places surrounding the venue of the events and in front of the entry gates to regulate traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians from the masses, as everyone made great efforts over the days of the events, which was felt by the audience and all the organizers inside Darb Al Saai.

Since most of the families used to bring their children with them to Darb Al Saai headquarters in order to enjoy the events, there was great concern from the security and traffic police for the safety of the families and their children which made everyone praise their great efforts.