The Doha Girls’ Centre invited its members and the general public to participate in the “Youth as Researchers – Coved 19” initiative, in order to activate the role of female members and their hoped-for effort to achieve the aspirations of youth.
Mrs. Mazyona Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Doha Girls’ Centre, said that this initiative is a global initiative recently launched in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The initiative is launched in order to create opportunities to qualify young men and women to prepare scientific research in the field of social justice, and to overcome the Coronavirus threat by encouraging national innovations that help to combat the current crisis and mitigate its effects, support and activate national innovations to reach the stage of production and self-sufficiency. Thus young women are able to play their active role in society to acquire the skill of preparing scientific research in providing community service in accordance with the Qatar Vision 2030.
Mazyona Al-Nuaimi noted that the initiative is in its initial stages, and that a questionnaire has been sent to the Centre’s affiliates to measure the scope of work and research questions for the initiative. It is worth noting that the deadline for participation is the first of next June.
She further pointed out that the registration will be through the Al-Ad’am program site, in addition to a number for inquiries and contacts which is: 33237645.
The Director of the Doha Girls’ Centre indicated that this program will train young people to create and implement research projects on social justice. Young researchers will be supported by local consultants with experience in social science research, and a central team will collect data from and review all projects.
It is worth noting that, since the beginning of this year, the world is facing the Coronavirus pandemic, which represents a major challenge for humanity and a serious threat to life wiht a rapid and alarming rate of epidemic that may lead to death in some cases.
Although many countries of the world take multiple and sometimes harsh measures to reduce the spread of the virus and reduce its epidemic spread, the eyes of the world are now turning to scientists, doctors and creators of all scientific disciplines in the hope of finding a quick and successful treatment for this epidemic.