The Leadership Centre for Girls of the Ministry of Culture and Sports presents the workshop series, which includes 4 episodes on feelings and mechanisms to control them. These workshops are broadcast every Tuesday on the platform of the Centre on Instagram. The second episode of the series entitled “Feelings of Fear and the mechanisms of controlling them” is scheduled to broadcast at ten in the evening. Dr. Nehaya Al-Rimawi, the psychological, educational, and family consultant who is expert in emotional intelligence and family relations will discuss a number of topics through which fear, its types and causes will be introduced, with exposure to the most prominent physical and psychological symptoms that accompany the feeling of fear, strategies for dealing with it. Dr. Al-Rimawi qill deal as well with relaxation and its benefits and how to control panic seizures. These workshops come within the framework of the awareness campaign offered by the Girls’ Leadership Centre in light of the spread of the Coronavirus. They carry many positive messages in innovative and renewed ways targeting all societal groups. The “Leadership” electronic platform includes many groups that fall under the training workshops and educational and technical lessons provided by many accredited trainers, academics and media professionals, with the aim of encouraging and supporting community girls to participate effectively and benefit from the activities and initiatives of the Centre.