Almesifri, Charmian of Al-Markhiya Club, confirmed that the General Assembly of the Club will be held on the scheduled date, the sixteenth of July, referring that if the quorum is achieved on this day, the General Assembly will be held normally and if the quorum was not achieved, the General Assembly will be postponed for a period of one week.
Almesifri said that the General Assembly shall be held in the presence of the members in the club’s headquarters as usual, but in a manner that takes social distancing into consideration, in line with the precautionary measures and health controls set by the Ministry of Public Health.
Almesifri explained that there is coordination undergoing presently with the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Health on how to hold the General Assembly in this manner, but the final scenario is not yet complete. We expect that to be clear in the coming period.
Almesifri said that he is optimistic that there will be a good presence and the quorum will be completed in order to provide an opportunity for all members to make their suggestions and respond to their inquiries in light of transparency and democracy in Qatari sports.