The Visual Arts Centre affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the launch of the second edition of the competition “From Every Home, a Drawing”, during the period from (13 to 31 May this year). The topic of the competition revolves around the ambience of the holy month of Ramadan, and the new patterns and forms that characterize the holy month this year, after the great success and wide participation in the first version of the competition, according to what was stated by artist Salman Al-Malik, director of the center earlier. The competition aims to discover artistic talents from different age groups, develop skills, expand community participation in art competitions and give the opportunity to participation of a larger segment of society, and record the ambience of Ramadan this year artistically highlighting various aspects, patterns and new forms in the blessed month this year.
In this context, the Centre has put a set of conditions and provisions for participation in the competition. It is divided into three age groups: 9 to 15 years, 16 to 25 years, and over 25 years. Participation is also available to children less than 9 years. Encouragement awards will be allocated to three winning artworks. Participation in the competition is available electronically through the following link:‏NR41X5yEPtx6kBTU9
The participant’s artwork should also express the contestant’s vision of the ambience of Ramadan this year and the accompanying aspects of many new and distinctive styles, while choice of the material, the colours used, and the style is up to the participant.
In the same context, the Visual Arts Centre will later organize an art exhibition for all the contest participants, and make a printed booklet for the participating works. The winners will be announced on June 14th through the visual arts centre (Instagram – Twitter – Facebook). Each participant will receive a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his/her participation.
The centre allocated monetary prizes to the winners at every age stage. In the age group (9-15 years), the first-place winner receives an amount of 2000 Qatari riyals. The second gets 1500 riyals, while the third-place holder gets 1,000 riyals. In the age group (16 – 25), the first winner will receive an amount of five thousand Qatari riyals, the second will receive three thousand riyals, and the third will receive two thousand riyals. In the third category (over 25 years), the first place winner will receive five thousand riyals, while the second will receive three thousand, and the winner in third place will receive an amount of two thousand Qatari riyals.
On the other hand, and in an effort by the Visual Arts Centre to enrich the technical information of followers and spread arts among the various groups of society, the Centre continues its Ramadan competition, “Think with a Creator”. This aims to introduce society to the symbols of plastic art in Qatar and on the Arab and international levels. Simplified information are presented, following a question about each episode and then a winner is chosen from the participants with the correct answer on the social media platforms of the Centre.