“The Friends of the Environment” Center participated in the celebration of the World Day for the Reduction of Plastic Bags, which takes place on the 3rd of June each year to raise awareness of the increasing risks of the spread of these bags and their serious damage to human life and the integrity of the environment.


Every year, the Centre participates in this event to celebrate that Day because of its great importance in raising public awareness and publishing messages about the dangers of plastic bags to the environment of all types of marine and land in the ocean in general.

The engineer Farhood Hadi Al Hajri said that on this occasion, the Centre sought to raise public awareness to reduce plastic bags and replace them with environmentally friendly ones. He added: The issue of plastic bags is the focus of environmental workshops in all the Centre’s programs. Awareness hubs have also been allocated throughout the year pointing to the launch of awareness posts on social media platforms for the Center’s accounts, and the launch of the World Plastic Bags Reduction Day hashtag.