The Friends of the Environment Centre, in collaboration with the Al-Ghrafa Sports Club Youth Committee, and the Ali Al-Hanzab Forestry and Desertification Control Initiative, invited the public to visit the Ali Taleb Reserve environmental field from 4 to 6 p.m. on 21 August, with Dr. Hail Al-Wawi.


Engineer Farhoud Al-Hajri, Executive Director of the Friends of the Environment Center, said: This field visit is part of the center’s programs and activities that it seeks to achieve through environmental field visits to reserves, gardens, grass lands and other environmental places, with the aim of accompanying the participants, teaching them and educating them about the nature of the reserve.


Al-Hajri invited the public to participate in the field visit, which would be rich for the participants, noting that it included the introduction of the most prominent components of the reserve as well as the flora and fauna living in the center of the reserve.