Youth Affairs Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized the dialogue session on Qatar National Youth Policy.

The Friends of the Environment Center at Qatar participated in the discussion of the environmental aspect represented by Mr. Farhoud Hadi Al-Hajri, the executive director and Mr. Mohammad Al-Khanji, Deputy Director and Mr. Mubarak Al-Dossari, head of activities department.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammad Al-Khanji, Deputy Executive Director of the Friends of the Environment Center said that they are pleased with this participation in order to reach the development of national strategy for youth in the State of Qatar noting that the center seeks within this participation to enhance and consolidate the environmental aspect of this strategy especially to raise the level of environmental awareness among youth in the State of Qatar at all levels and to know the most important environmental issues and aspects including cleanliness, agriculture and environmental awareness in our daily life which have become very important to us as we are in the center working to reduce the negative phenomena that harm the environment.