Darb Al Saai will present on the National Day a wide range of heritage events, which aim at helping visitors discover the historical and cultural heritage of the State of Qatar. Among the most prominent of these activities is the “Al-Ardah”, which is presented on a daily basis, but today it will focus on words that sing the love of the homeland and ignite the national enthusiasm. From the first day of Darb Al Saai, the method of performing the Qatari Ardha is defined.

In this context, Al-Maha Band presents its artistic performances in the heart of Darb Al Saai, next to the flagpole, where the band performs popular chants while performing the Qatari Arda, carrying Arab swords, and beating the traditional ring in a distinctive atmosphere that attracts the attention of visitors to Darb Al Saai from the people of Qatar and international visitors from Fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. These heritage performances provide an important cultural dimension for Qatari society, as they highlight the values of originality, care for customs and traditions, and the dissemination of popular heritage among new generations. It also instills in their hearts the meanings of pride and pride in the national identity.

Nayef Malallah: Al-Ardah ignites patriotic enthusiasm

For his part, Nayef Malallah, the head of Al-Maha Folklore Troupe, commented in press statements on the sidelines of the troupe’s participation, where he confirmed that their participation today in the celebration of the National Day will be based on words that sing the love of the homeland, and he said that since the events of Darb Al Saai began, they shed light and clarify our culture and heritage in front of the guests. Darb Al Saai, pointing out that Al-Ardah is inspired by its movements from patriotic enthusiasm, as its origin was intended to motivate warriors in the past to fight, so that parade became entrenched and became part of our heritage, and thus circulated whenever the feeling of joy increases and the desire to motivate and spread enthusiasm increases. So, it has become an important part of national celebrations and occasions. He said: From our great joy, our pride in the National Day, and our desire to motivate ourselves and those around us to continue progressing for Qatar, we bring out our joy with the crossbar. He said that Darb Al Saai is an opportunity for us to present our arts in a place where a multi-class audience gathers, including citizens, residents and guests who came to watch Qatar excel in organizing the World Cup.

Ali Saeed Al-Marri: The diversity of events attracts all segments of the audience

Ali Saeed Al-Marri said, “Through Darb Al Saai, we inform the public about this authentic Qatari art that has been inherited from generation to generation. He explained that this art, which had its beginnings as a display of weapons during wars to express combat skills, has developed today into an art presented in official ceremonies, and he expressed his happiness to participate in Darb Al Saai due to the fact that the event attracts audiences from all groups. He said at a time when we know our children are an important part of our folklore, we also inform the guests of Qatar who are present during the World Cup about our culture, and he thanked the organizing committee for Darb Al Saai due to the diversity of events that showcase Qatari heritage and highlight it in its best form, which attracts the largest number of audiences in all its different categories.

Zakaria Yahya: An opportunity to review our heritage

Zakaria Yahya Al-Dosari said that we present the ancient folklore that attracts children, as many small groups want to learn Ardha, poetry and Sheela, and he added that Darb Al Saai includes many forms of folklore, which makes it summarize our legacies and reflect a clear picture of our culture, and he expressed his happiness Being insinuating in the eyes of the guests of Qatar the fascination with what is being presented, pointing out that the global sporting event that Qatar is currently organizing made the whole world focus on its culture, as the World Cup guests came to watch football matches and at the same time look at our culture and heritage, so we consider this It is an ideal opportunity to review our heritage and values in our society.

Mohamed Samir: World Cup fans gather and entertain children

Mohamed Samir said that Darb Al Saai is the path of cultures that reflects the Qatari heritage from Bedouinism to civilization, where the houses of poetry, horses, workshops, crafts, popular dishes, and the art of Fujairy gather World Cup fans and entertain children, as it has become a destination for families of all nationalities, as the values ​​of originality and care for customs are highlighted and spreading the traditions and the dissemination of popular heritage among the new generations. Besides, Darb Al Saai’s various activities also instill in their hearts meanings of pride and pride in their national identity. He said: Our activities contribute to introducing the way the Qatari Ardha is performed, the types of Razif, and how to carry the sword in the correct way, stressing that the heritage shows, especially the “Ardha” that are presented on a daily basis, provide an important cultural dimension for the Qatari society.