The pleasant surprise represented by the return of administrative figures in the clubs are in the headlines of the elections race in its last finals in the summer of 2020. The beginning was with HE Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani’s nomination for presidency of Qatar SC during the OGA, which shall be held August 24th. Then Abdullah Al-Eidah, President of Al-Sailiya SC and a prominent figure of the SC decided not to run and to recommence nomination in the SC and rerunning the election race on his own so far in the GA that shall be held July 25th.
Then HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, the previous president of Al-Khor SC and the prominent figure of the SC re-emerged yesterday to run Al-Khor SC elections.
The return of these figures to run for elections in clubs being at the top of the sports scene in GAs this year is due to the fact that they are figures of long history and great achievers in their clubs. They return to save their clubs and try to bring those clubs back to the foreground to take their position in competition and seek to win titles, tournaments and achieve glory for them again, or at least to be present in a strong and effective manner in various competitions.
None of those who follow the Clubs’ affairs could deny that these prominent figures have important roles in the development of clubs and their past successes. Everyone is waiting for many of such figures to motivate the clubs and lead them again to achieve more championships.

The Qatari Forte
The spotlight at Qatar SC is again on HE Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani, former president of the club. He is a great and important figure of Qatari sports in general and of the Qatar SC in particular. He has achieved much. His most recent achievement was winning the Crown Prince Cup title in 2004, which is the last tournament the SC won and was preceded by winning the League as well the Crown Prince Cup. He also accomplished achievements known by every Qatari in various games.
Everyone in the SC wish that it returns to winning tournaments. HE Sheikh Hamad bin Suhaim Al Thani’s nomination for elections, after the rejection of the list at the beginning and then its return to the electoral race, drive everyone to expect heated elections with the presence of HE Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani, the present chairman of the club.
The Only Achievement
The scene in Al-Khor SC was unclear before the OGA that was held the day before yesterday. Matters may lead to that a temporary committee would manage the SC after those who have the right to run elections shunned from entering the electoral battle. The prominent figure, HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed was invited to return to head the SC together with Mohamed Moqled Al-Muraikhi as vice-president. This is the same duo that won the championship for Al-Khor SC the Crown Prince Cup 2005, along with the rest of the BOD members at that time.
In recent years, Al-Khor SC have been suffering following the resignation of the former SC president, Hassan Al-Mohannadi. A temporary committee was appointed whose work ended with the convening of the OGA. then Mohamed Mubarak Al-Muhannadi, Al-Khor and former Qatar national team’s star and veteran administrator was nominated. He was, however, excluded from the elections since conditions have not been met. Consequently, HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani returned and Al-Khor SC’saffiliates are optimistic about the ability of their SC to make a strong comeback.
Situation in Al-Sailiya Club
In Al-Sailiya, Abdullah Al-Eidah, the SC’spresident declared that he would not run for the SC’selections. On the day of the SC’sGA, Abdullah Al-Hanzab, who was a candidate for the position of vice president along with Muhammad Ali Al-Marri, candidate for president, announced his withdrawal from the electoral list. Consequently, this list became illegal and Mr. Al-Eidah ran again for presidency of Al-Khor Club. In fact, Al-Sailiya SC has become stable and is no longer threatened by falling to join second division clubs as it used to rise then fall. The SC has return to its stability and is strong with “Lord” Abdullah Al-Eidah, who succeeded in qualifying the team for the final of the Emir’s Cup and participating in the current edition of the AFC Champions League. This represents an achievement for Al-Sailiya team, which was not competing before in championships and titles, but its goal was to remain only in the tournament. The SC therefore owes to Al-Eidah the boom that occurred in it.
New management at Al-Ahly
In Al-Ameed (Al-Ahli SC’snickname)’s castle there is an election list. It includes Abdullah Al-Mulla with Mohammad Al-Musafawi as deputy, representing a new administration which assumes responsibility for leading the club. Elections are to take place next Saturday during the SC’sOGA. Al-Ahly fans await improvements in the team at the hands of the new generation of the SC’sleaders: Al-Mulla and Al-Mustafawi are not strangers to the SC are constantly present at the SC and have a great responsibility towards leading the team to better prospects in the coming years.
Continuing giving in Al-Rayyan Club
Sheikh Ali bin Saud Al Thani, president of the SC ran for Al-Rayyan club. He held presidency for a year, and the reran for president, along with Ali Salem Afifa for vice president. There is an agreement at Al-Rayyan SC for Sheikh Ali bin Saud to continue in his position due to the great services he presented to the SC during the year in which he assumed responsibility. It is wished that he will continue giving during the next four-year period.

Return of former president of Umm-Salal SC
The elections for the Umm Salal SC shall see the return of former president Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani to head the SC again. He previously headed the SC, and he is one of its loyal sons and is now returning with Sheikh Tamim bin Muhammad Al Thani as his Vice President. People of Umm Salal are expecting Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman to realize the aspirations of its residents, and bring Umm Salal team to the summit again. The team had won the title of His Highness the Amir’s Cup before and participated in the Asian Championship and reached the semi-final.
Al-Arabi team between experience and youth
All indications in the Al-Arabi SC confirm that its new management is to be determined through the election fund to resolve the current conflict. On the one side there is the experienced Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, the current president of the SC who aspires to obtain the support of members for a new round of elections and has therefore run for elections.
On the other hand, there is Abdul-Aziz Al-Sulaiti who enters the conflict for the first time. He represents the young generation, as he was a player until recently and seeks to uplift the SC through youth though. There will be, therefore, a heated struggle in the GA between the two. Consequently, the Fund is to be the decisive factor that will conclude the matter..
Al-Shammari staying in Al-Shahaniya SC
In Al-Shahaniya SC, Manahi Al-Shammari shall continue to be president of the club. There is one list that ran for the elections, with Salem Al-Hajri as vice president. Al-Shammari is aiming at achieving more stability for this SC after he succeeded in gaining everyone’s respect through his distinguished performance in the league last season. This season he is fighting for the SC to survive in the All-Star League.
Al-Sadd, Al-Gharafa and Al-Wakra SCs, stability reigns.
Al-Sadd, Al-Wakra and Al-Gharafa SCs are witnessing a certain degree of stability in their elections. These SCs have BOD’s that have been operating there ever since Years. In Al-Wakrah, HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Hassan Al Thani was re-elected, as he is a great figure among the Al-Wakrah fans. Furthermore, in Al-Gharafa there is agrrement for the continuation of HE Sheikh Jassim bin Thamer Al Thani as president. Stability in these SCs embodies success for them in their quest to achieve more successes in the next four years.