Ramadan Book Fair, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture and will continue until current April 9 is witnessing the distinguished participation of a number of Qatari productive families who use the Fair as a live platform to present their projects to the public and enhance direct communication with visitors in a way that contributes to the development of their resources and the development of their works.

Female entrepreneurs and project owners participating in the Fair confirmed that it is considered one of the continuous support episodes by the concerned institutions and authorities in the State for productive national projects and they praised the support they receive from Ramadan Book Fair management, which harnessed all capabilities to make their participation successful in addition to make the optimum benefit for them.

Aisha Sultan Malallah, an entrepreneur and owner of a tire recycling project, said that she converts these materials into home furnishings that are used in homes, camps, schools and gardens, adding that she started her project two years ago and participated in many Fairs, which reflected positively on the development of the project.

She affirmed that the Fair is a unique opportunity to support Qatari families, and that the diversity of participating Qatari projects makes it a suitable destination for individuals and families especially with the atmosphere of the holy month.

She appreciated the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Social Development and the Family for the projects of Qatari families, wishing to strengthen these efforts from the various concerned authorities to maximize the role of entrepreneurs in supporting the national economy.

For her part, Noura Al-Ali, the owner of a project for the manufacture of ceramics and Garangao gifts, said that she aims to support the revival of the original heritage through the manufacture of ceramics and gifts in shapes, designs and drawings inspired by the past.

She affirmed that supporting Qatari productive families by giving them space in Fairs contributes directly to marketing their products to the public, after it was limited only to social media applications such as Instagram and others.

In her turn, Amna Al Dahnim, the owner of a handicraft project, said that the idea of her project is somewhat new. Instead of selling handmade products in their final form, she sells a kit that contains several materials and tools so that the buyer can manufacture the product himself in his home or workplace, which is an idea that encourages creativity or innovation, develops skills and provides a unique experience for young people and children and all family members can participate in this unique experience.

Amna Al Dahnim praised the support of the concerned authorities, saying that she found real support in order to launch her project, and also praised the Fair management, which provided the pavilion and all the items that she needed, stressing that the productive Qatari family finds in such gatherings an outlet to display their products in an appropriate manner in front of the public and to know their opinions and employ them for development.

For her part, Mashael Al-Kuwari, the owner of a women’s clothing project, said that she specializes in manufacturing limited editions of women’s dresses (abayas) that are suitable for various public occasions, keeping in mind that there are specific designs for Ramadan and Eids.

Mashael Al-Kuwari said that she has a hobby of designing clothes and she also had courses in the art of fashion in order to hone her skills, advance her project and achieve her goals.

Regarding the support he received from the concerned authorities, Al-Kuwari indicated that entrepreneurs and productive families enjoy continuous support from the Ministry of Social Development and the Family and several government agencies, and Ramadan Book Fair, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture, is very important in order to highlight its project and meet with the public, wishing the increase of the support provided to Qatari entrepreneurs in order to activate their role in the development process.