The Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, organized a symposium entitled “Rules in the Family Reconciliation Industry” as part of the activities accompanying Ramadan Book Fair, which will continue until next Sunday at the Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal.

The symposium was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al-Farjani, a family affairs advisor at the Islamic Network, and Dr. Abdul-Moeen Ali Al-Qahtani, an imam and preacher at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and it was moderated by Mr/Fahd Ahmed Al-Mohammed, legal researcher at Dawa and Religious Counselling at the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs.

The symposium dealt with the most important rules established by Islamic Sharia to preserve the family entity and achieve reconciliation between spouses.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Ferjani said that the family reconciliation industry goes through several stages, the first of which is getting to know the spouses, then giving up, coexistence, adaptation, understanding psychology, and cooperation in what they agreed upon in order to reach harmony, friendship and reconciliation indicating that these matters need skills for each of the spouses which guarantees us a stable family.

He affirmed that it is necessary for families to be built on the rules of religion and that the desire of the husband and wife be to please Allah Almighty, and that there be mutual respect and a culture of dialogue, building positives and searching for common denominators that perpetuate the relationship and harmony. In addition, it is important for all of us to realize that perfection is impossible and that imperfection haunts us, so we should not strive for perfection but develop the positives and try to coexist with the negatives and surround them in the smallest scope and the husband’s concern should not be programming the wife according to his thoughts and desires, but he must realize that difference is the nature of life.

For his part, Dr. Abdul-Moeen Al-Qahtani said that marriage is the Sunnah of the Prophet, and from the beginning of marriage, the husband and wife must realize the importance of this social institution and that it is the Sunnah of Allah in the universe, stressing the importance of the role of education for those about to get married to learn how to face the new family life.

He added, “It is necessary for each of the spouses to realize that every human being has mistakes and he should understand that his/her partner is incomplete with the necessity of ignoring some mistakes in order for life to go on, and for the husband and wife to set future plans from the beginning to enhance understanding between them and it is necessary for the two spouses to have disclosure and frankness in addition to the mutual interest.

The two speakers gave a lot of advice that helps the secret reconciliation, starting from caring for each partner and not allowing others to interfere in his/her life except in a very narrow extent, stressing that the mainstay of achieving reconciliation is following the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and upholding the true Sharia.