Actor Faleh Fayez unveiled the latest preparations for the new play, “The Puppet Maker,” which will take part in the Doha Theater Festival, held by the Ministry of Culture and represented by the Theater Affairs Center, from March 16-27, in conjunction with the celebration of International Theater Day. Fayez said on “Sout Al-Kahlij”: He pointed out that the character he will perform himself is calm but needs a strong performance to communicate the idea correctly. He also touched on the reasons for the limited theatrical works and the lack of the glamor of the Qatari theater. As the popularity of the theater is no longer as it used to be. The actor expressed his optimism for a strong return soon with the support of the Ministry of Culture represented by HE Sheik Abdulrahman Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Minister of Culture, and Qatar TV with the presence of HE Sheik Abdulaziz Bin Thani Al-Thani, the Executive President of the Qatari Media Corporation. The program of this year’s festival includes five university theater performances, all of which belong to the category of international plays, three performances for private theatrical groups, three official seminars, eight theatrical shows, and a special theater show entitled “Najma affairs”, as well as a package of theatrical performances.