The Cultural Committee of Qatar Sports Club held a cultural symposium within Instagram entitled “Dangers of not following precautionary measures”. The chairman of the cultural committee, Mohamed Sultan Fakhro, said “The symposium is under the supervision of Youth Affairs Department affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent, the center for empowerment and care for the elderly (Ehsan) and the Doha International Center for People with Disabilities”.


The symposium is directed by Mr. Mohammad Abdul Wahed Fakhro, Programs and Communication officer and is prepared by Dr. Ahmad Mostafa Salem, General Supervisor of the cultural committee and Mr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Fakhro, activities and events officer.


Mona Fadel Al-Sulaiti, the executive director of the volunteering and local development sector at Qatar Red Crescent, attended the symposium and spoke about the positive role of the Red Crescent, the role of volunteers in combating Corona Pandemic and their participation in raising community awareness of community institutions.


She confirmed that the Qatar Red Crescent exerted great efforts to combat Corona virus (Covid-19) and mobilized all its energy to alleviate its economic, social and health effects on society by intensifying its medical, community, preventive and awareness and voluntary activities at the local level.


Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Director of Doha International Center for people with disabilities, spoke about the importance of following many precautionary measures to deal with people with special needs. She confirmed that there are many multiple and renewed requests to give people with special needs the priority in care and support to combat the emerging corona virus according to situation of each case.

She also spoke about the mechanism of dealing with people with special needs in light of Corona and the need to realize that people with disabilities face risks more than other people regarding new corona virus within developing their care programs.


In turn, Ms. Zakia Hajji, social expert at “Ehsan Center”, spoke about health care for the elderly and ways and methods of dealing with them by following all precautionary measures. Also, she spoke about “Consult me” (Shawerni) service and the center’s efforts to provide high quality services to the elderly in the State especially in light of the current circumstances due to Corona Pandemic in addition to two new means for “Consult me” service. Also, she indicated the addition of visual communication feature through the designated number and the choice of the means of visual communication in addition to possibility of communication by visiting Ehsan website.


Mr. Jaber Masoud Al-Marri, social worker at “Ehsan Center”, spoke about many methods and solutions that the center offers to serve the elderly to protect them and their health inside and outside the center within following all precautionary measures.


At the end of the symposium, Mohammad Abdul Wahed Fakhro and Abdullah Abdul Rahman Fakhro honored the lecturers within giving them souvenirs and appreciation and thanking certificates in addition to exchange of medals and they wish that everyone offers more services to environment and society.