The competitions of the first round of Qatar Jet Ski championship “marathon” which was organized by Doha Marine Sports Club at its headquarters on the beach of the cultural village “Katara” are concluded with the participation of 15 participants. Participants are Walid Mahmoud Al-Sharshani, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Haydos, Khaled Jamal Al-Mohannadi, Mohammed Abdel-Hadi, Mohammed Abu Hassan and Khaled Rashid Al-Mohannadi, Ahmed Al Ishaq, Abdullah Walid Gohar, Rashid Al Mohannadi, Hassan Al Sulaiti, Daoud Al Sharshani, Abdullah Saeed Gohar, Jassem Al Khelaifi, Mahmoud Abdel Hadi and Nayef Abu Nahia.

It witnessed strong and exciting competitions and results of the competitions are represented in winning of Walid Mahmoud Al-sharshani to the first position with 20 points followed by Mohammad Abdullah Al-Haydos with 15 points, then Khaled Al-Mohannadi in the third position with 12 points. Mohammed Abdel-Haid come in the fourth position with 9 points then Mohammed Abu Hassan came in the fifth position with 7 points. Khalid Rashid Al-Mohannadi came in the sixth position with 5 points followed by Ahmed Al Ishaq with 4 points and Abdullah Walid Gohar in the eighth position with 3 points.

The official activities of this round began at 2:30 pm through the technical inspections of the participating jet ski at the club’s site in Katara for a full hour then the enlightening meeting of the race started at 3:30 to 4:15 followed by free trials from 4:15 to 4:45 then the main race from 5:00 to 5:30. The awarding ceremonies for the winners were held at 6:20.

This round was the first marine event for the coming period as the club headed by Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the club, and Salah Al-Mannai, vice-chairman, are preparing to organize many competitions in all marine games to compensate the club’s members for the long period of absence especially since all its activities are of great interest to young people whether they are citizens or residents because of the club’s interest and keenness to satisfy all desires of the sea visitors.

Management of Doha Marine Sports Club during its preparations for the next round focused on adhering to all precautionary measures during those competitions in accordance with the instructions of the official authorities.