Today, motorbike competitions are continuing within the Qatar e-racing championship organized by the Qatar Online Cars and Motorcycles Federation, which witnesses the participation of 21 contestants, including 4 riders from Kuwait.
At ten in the evening today, the second round of competitions start. Excitement is prevailing especially after the first round which have witnessed strong competition on the American Laguna Seca circuit. In the first group that includes 10 riders, Saud Al-Thani managed to rise to the lead to score 40 points, while the French Jeremy Barola came second place with 36 points. Hadi Ahmed finished third with 33 points, Italian Joshua Lano came in fourth with 31 points, and promising cyclist Hamad Al-Sahouti finished fifth with 30 points. In the second group that includes 11 riders, Saeed Al-Sulaiti led the races after winning the first round to win 40 points. Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Al-Zaidan came in second with 36 points, while his fellow citizen rider Ali Ahmed came in third with 33 points. Khaled Al-Maraghi finished fourth with 31 points, while Abdullah Al Qubaisi, the cyclist, finished in fifth place with 30 points.