Mr. Farhoud Al-Hajri, Director of the Friends of the Environment Center, stressed that the slogan of the National Day for the year 2021 includes a superior and lofty message for generations about the importance and necessity of preserving the Qatari environment and that the slogan’s link with environmental issues would contribute greatly to the efforts of some institutions and bodies that call for preserving the Qatari environment and consolidating this concept as a national duty. Al-Hajri added that the slogan included symbol of the sea purslane which is a local coastal plant that grows in Qatar beaches and costal marches. This plant has many characteristics. It discharges salt within saline glands present on its leaves and trunks. Also, it grows in coarse sandy soil and its trunks are oval and thick. The sea purslane has beautiful purple flowers.

He pointed out that center will work during the next period to consolidate the concept and message of the National Day slogan through conducting a number of events and programs that will be available to all groups within the framework of the center’s interest to consolidate environmental culture in society and future generations appreciating the selection of the organizing committee of the National Day celebrations to the slogan “Ancestors’ Places are a trust” to symbolize the origin and culture of Qataris who have been closely linked to their environment since ancient time