Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind (QSCCB), in partnership with the Nama Center, organized a seminar on entrepreneurship, which introduced the concept of entrepreneurship, how social entrepreneurship works, and the services provided by the Nama Center for entrepreneurs. Mr. Yunus Mane’, Entrepreneurship Programs Specialist, presented the seminar. The lecturer shed light on the qualities of the entrepreneur, who must be characterized by courage, self-confidence, not hesitating to take risks, be ambitious and seeks ways to develop and improve his/her project, and be excellent to obtain a kind of continuity in their project, especially with the presence of competitiveness.  During his speech, Mr. Yunus Mane’ encouraged the young participants to be social entrepreneurs, fully aware of the issues of their society, always trying to address the negative ones, develop and improve them, and achieve a social impact; along with the importance of continuity with such projects, in addition to encouraging the youth to pay attention to them.