As part of a new episode of the “A Dialogue With” initiative, moderated by Dr. Ali Afifi Ali Ghazi, the Qatari Forum for Authors shed light on the topic of environmental information dissemination and awareness in a discussion with author, researcher and trainer Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khater.

Dr. Ali Afifi introduced the guest of the episode Professor Khater who holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Diploma in Islamic Studies. He also delivered many lectures, courses and training workshops, and is currently working as the general supervisor of the “T’arrofow” website, in addition to publishing many articles and studies in newspapers, magazines and websites. Professor Khater also participated in editing “Saheefa” magazine; issued by the National Human Rights Committee in the State of Qatar. His publications include environmental info media and awareness, health safety, Islam and knowledge renaissance.

The session began with Professor Khater who pointed out that there is a big difference between awareness and environmental awareness. Awareness is every effort made to educate people about environmental issues and to preserve the environment, and it is represented in presenting a message to the community; to be more aware of the need to preserve natural resources and the rights of future generations, which takes various forms. It might be written or spoken, or activities and events in institutions, schools, and entities concerned with spreading environmental knowledge and culture. As for the environmental awareness, it is the product of the awareness process, which settles in human minds in terms of words and deeds, making thier daily practice compatible with protecting and preserving the environment. He, moreover, pointed out that there is a crisis in environmental awareness, and that it has several dimensions; the first is the ideological dimension. People deal with the environment on the basis that it is necessary to benefit from its resources as much as possible, even at the expense of future generations! While Islam’s view of this issue is that mankind lives to protect and preserve earth. Furthermore, he pointed out that the environmental info media is part of the media that deals with environmental affairs, and introduces its components and the dangers surrounding them such as the environmental pollution, and the most prominent manifestations of the absence of environmental awareness is the excessive consumption of natural resources like water, which wastes part of the natural resources, and leads to the production of large quantities of waste; leading to harm the environment and thus human health.