The texts evaluation and viewing committee has completed the evaluation process of the winning works for the theatrical season related to this season, and valuable prizes were awarded to the winning works.

Salah Al Mulla, Director of the Center for Theater Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports said: “ The texts evaluation and viewing committee has evaluated the winning works for the current theater season 2018/2019, and evaluated also the different elements of acting, decor, makeup, music, production, shows, costumes and lyrics for adult and children’s plays.” He Added that the closing ceremony and the distribution of certificates and prizes will be held at the end of December at the Qatar National Theater.

He said that the children’s theater had been added this year to the competition of the theater season. Al-Mulla pointed out that HE Salah bin Ghanim Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, has issued Decision No. 150 of 2018, on establishing a committee to evaluate performances and theater works for the theatrical seasons in terms of productivity, where a committee is formed in the Ministry of Culture and Sports called “Theater Performance Evaluation Committee” for the theater season in terms of productivity.

Al-Mulla explained that the committee is competent to take all the necessary measures to evaluate the works and theatrical performances participating in the theater season in terms of productivity, to declare the “winning work or show” and other accompanying awards, according to the standards and controls set by the Theater Affairs Center and approved by the Minister, in particular, they may read the text participating in the theater season in order to compete for prizes and approve it in principle, so that the text moves to the viewing stage, and authorizes the non-participating text in the theater season, so that the Center supports this work in accordance with its internal mechanisms, in addition to viewing the text after production and then evaluating it for the purpose of watching it in the theater season, and consider the grievances submitted by the participants, which are referred to the Committee from the Theater Affairs Center, and make recommendations in this regard.