Based on efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to assure empowerment and training of the Qatari youth and to lead youth institutions and according to the adopted policy and plans to save them the opportunity to prove their competence in management and leadership, the Ministry announced the organization of youth centers elections online.


Yesterday, Monday, 14/6/2021, elections of Alreyada Girls center began to choose the management of the center. Elections were organized in a manner not adopted in elections systems applied in youth centers as they are organized online after availability of the necessary guarantees in this regard in accordance with the requirements of preserving public health and achieving safety of all and in compliance with precautionary measures adopted by the State to combat Corona pandemic and its negative repercussions on all areas of life and in fulfillment of the legal entitlement cited in Alreyada Girls Center’s articles of association.

The polling process began at 4 O’clock and ended at 8:30 O’clock after the Committee for Membership and Elections Affairs decided to extend the voting hours by half an hour and granting female voters the time to practice their role in choosing who will represent them in managing the youth institution. Results of the election process are as follows:

Total number of members of the General Assembly reached 344 members.

  • Total number of online attendance of members of the General Assembly through Teams application reached 258 female members and thus the legal quorum is available and the voting process began.
  • The Membership and Elections Affairs Committee received 385 electronic cards.
  • Total number of invalid electronic cards is 93 cards.

Reasons for invalid electronic cards include repeated sending (transmission) or error in data entered by the member of the general assembly.

  • Total number of correct voting cards is 292 votes.

Share of each candidate from the correct votes is as follows:

  1. Al- Anoud Khalil Mansour Al-Shahwani, 110 votes.
  2. Naglaa Ali Tarheeb Al-Hajri, 176 votes.
  3. Fatima Abdullah Khamis Al-Ali, 6 votes.
  • The candidate of the highest votes was announced the winner of the position of the chairman and she is Naglaa Ali Al-Hajri.
  • As about the position of the vice-chairman, Mrs. Noura Fahad Al-Hajiri was only nominated for it and this is presented to the members of the General Assembly and it is announced that she is the winner of this position. It is expected that elections of Sumaisma and Al-Daayen Youth Centers will be conducted online on Monday corresponding to June 21.