As part of their interaction with the issues of concern to society, the youth committee of Al-Arabi Sports Club, Al-Wakra Youth center, organized a lecture entitled “Make your Security” by Journalist, Ahmed Al-Maleki, under the supervision of the Youth Activities Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in cooperation with the Behavioral Healthcare Center. The lecture was held through video conferencing, according to the precautionary measures adopted by the state in order to confront the Coronavirus epidemic “COVID-19”.
The lecture is significant as it is directed at an important age category, young people. The lecture aimed at showing how can members of this age group, in particular, lead a more peaceful life, and how could this stage be a motive for excellence, improvement, and self-development for life.
Mr. Mohamed Jassim Al-Kuwari, CEO of Al-Arabi Sports Club, stressed that the Club administration, represented in the cultural committee of the club, participates actively in the development of youth and the promotion of their skills and contributes to everything that could benefit young people in their lives with a view to increase their contribution to the nation-building.