A number of publishers specializing in publishing children’s books participating in Doha International Book Fair in its thirty-second session confirmed that the success of the children’s book in our Arab world is closely linked to the extent of values ​​and ethics carried by the book directed to the child, in addition to the aesthetics of the design that inspires joy in the hearts of children and endears them. them to recite and adorn it in their hearts.

During a tour of the exhibition, which is held under the slogan (By Reading, We Rise), they said that there is a moral responsibility and honesty obligatory on parents in choosing books that preserve Islamic and Arab identity and that develop their knowledge and skills in an attractive way.

The writer Asma Abdul Latif Al-Kuwari, the Director and founder of Dar Nabja for Publishing and Distribution, said that the house is considered the first house specialized in the field of children’s literature in Qatar, mentioning that the choice of this field came because it carries a message and value that contributes to enriching the culture of society starting from childhood, because we help build the next generation. A reader who is proud of his values, culture, and originality, explaining that choosing a children’s book in terms of presentation or selection is not easy.

She added by saying that: As makers of children’s books, we must have high standards in choosing this book that we present to our children, which is to root our culture and established values, and to present this book in the form and appearance that suits our children, and for this a parent must be keen to choose the book that loves children to read and that It is useful because our children deserve to be given the best.

For his part, the publisher, Mohammad Al-Qasimi, the director of Dar Al-Buraq for Child Culture in Iraq, founded in 2003, said that the house began its mission in the manufacture of children’s books and seeks to develop this field, because it differs from the ordinary book, especially in light of the development of this industry, with the continuous technological development and applications on smart devices where high-quality images are available, in addition to wonderful ideas as well, which makes it imperative for the publisher to develop the book industry so that the child’s relationship with the paper book remains because it is the original, stressing the need for publishers in general and children’s book publishers in particular to keep pace with modernity in this important industry.

The Iraqi publisher, Mohammad Al-Qasimi, explained that Doha International Book Fair is an opportunity to learn about the development taking place globally by following what foreign publishers offer. The exhibition is not only an opportunity to sell books, but also to learn about the global development in this industry.

He pointed out that the house is trying to reach this quality in order for the Arabic book to compete with its foreign counterpart, because the Arab child deserves to be cared for and to provide him with the best possible, and from here we are interested in making games and educational aids, so we help the child to learn science in a playful way, which attracts him to the book and to the information In simple language in various fields of science.

He explained that the promotion of the publishing industry in children’s books requires access to previous international experiences in this field, and that we seek the help of the ideas presented by them, but we implement them in a way that suits our environment, as well as serious Arab experiences and benefit from them, which is provided by book fairs, including Doha exhibition.

For her part, Mrs. Nahil Al-Shawa, from the publishing house (Nun: Nahed Al-Shawa Al-Thaqafia Books) from Canada, said that the house is keen to present the Arabic book to our children in the Diaspora, and the house’s creations have received several literary awards and a number of publications have been presented within workshops in the organization The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), mentioning that the home’s philosophy is based on raising a child of Arab identity, who has global development tools, so that he is not isolated from the world.

She added by saying that we must respect children’s minds, by presenting a good text that agrees with our Islamic faith and our Arab identity, and make them cherish their faith and identity, stressing that we have to present our thought to the world and cherish it.

Besides, she added by saying that Doha International Book Fair is an important station for us as publishers, and we are keen to participate in it constantly, as Qatar has become a beacon of thought and goodness as well.

As for Dr. Asia Mousai, the Director of Hakaya Publishing House from Algeria, she stressed on the importance of developing the children’s book industry by presenting meaningful works in a simplified manner that children can understand, mentioning that this is the second participation of the house specialized in children’s literature in Doha Book Fair, where we are keen to present our new publications constantly.

As for Mr. Monis Hattab of Dar Alif Ba Taa Publishers from Jordan, he also stressed the standards of values ​​that should be available in the publications of children’s books and the values ​​they bear, pointing out that Al-Dar is participating for the ninth time in Doha exhibition, as it is one of the most important stations that attract researchers from Qatari educational institutions. And regional to search for new publications, where the launch of good books starts from Doha exhibition, and therefore new publications related to the philosophy of children’s literature were selected, along with collections of stories concerned with life skills, as well as a special book on the biography of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

In her turn, Mrs. Wafaa Al-Husseini, the Director of Samer Book House from Lebanon, said that the house began as a journalistic institution dealing with children’s culture and literature in 1979, and it was published weekly. Senior Arab writers specializing in children’s literature by presenting Arab values ​​in their writing, and after the magazine turned into a publishing house in 1995, this approach was continued to advance the book for the age group from (3) to (14) years and published  the most important book for the children’s literature. From here, we present a banquette of books in Doha exhibition that bear the values ​​of our noble Arab societies.