The Arab TV correspondent in Washington, Zaid Benjamin visited Darb al Saai, who was briefed on a number of events held on the occasion of the National Day of the State 2022. Benjamin expressed his happiness at the visit and witnessing part of the country’s history and its people represented in the ongoing heritage and cultural activities from November 25 to December 18. He said in press statements on the sidelines of the visit: The Qatari culture is not strange to me, but I admire it, as it reflects the personal aspect of the Qatari society in terms of hospitality, warm reception and humility that earned them the respect of people in the East and West, and he added by saying that: The coincidence of the National Day celebrations with the World Cup is a good choice, as it gives the masses coming from different countries of the world the opportunity to get to know the Qatari and Arab civilization by visiting the activities of Darb Al Saai in Umm Salal, stressing the importance of highlighting the heritage and cultural aspect for visitors to the World Cup to know about, because of its importance that influenced the rapprochement of peoples and coexistence in peace, which is what the State of Qatar has been known for since ancient times, and through its endeavors and initiatives that brought peace in several countries and regions of the world.