Under the supervision of the Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Social Cultural Committee at Al Khor Sports Club organized a workshop entitled “Draw your own path and plan for your future” presented by Mr. Jaber Al-Arq Al-Marri through almoathroom Instagram account.


At the beginning, the trainer welcomed all participants in the workshop and then discussed several topics including How do you plan for your future?, steps that help you plan for your future, identify your goals, external negative influences and how to overcome them and the danger of negative thinking citing some examples.


The lecturer said that the goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the concept of good planning for a better future. The workshop included several interpositions and inquiries from the participants around topics of the workshop and illustrative elements about planning for the future and benefiting from positive experiences of others.


On his part, Ghanem Abdullah Al Mohannadi, supervisor of community and youth activities at the club said, “This workshop aims at providing participants with the skills the individual needs to plan for the future in a creative way.”