The Qatari Forum for Authors hosted the writer dr. Sultan bin Awad Durai in a new session of My First Book Initiative presented by Professor Dhafer Aiden Darkoshi and highlights the beginnings of a group of authors in the field of writing.

Dr. Durai spoke about the first gesture of discovering his talent in the field of writing, which was since childhood in school, where he loved the Arabic language and was a distinguished student in writing composition. He developed the idea of writing through the letters he sent to his expatriate sister (Hanan), and before high school he went deep into the science of intonation, which made his first publication “The Brief Summary of the Art of Intonation,” which was issued in 1994. Through his work, he explained a set of Intonation terms in a smooth and simple manner. He relied on a number of sources, including books and the words of his Sheikh, Sheikh Maher bin Muhammad bin Amer – may Allah rest his soul – stressing that writing has an impact on the soul and affects the human being, and it is more eloquent than voice and speech.