As part of “The Message of an Intellectual” program launched by the Qatari Forum for Authors beginning of July, in conjunction with the “Release your thoughts through your pen” campaign on Sunday, Dr. Muhammad Al-Anzi, a specialist in psychology, gave a lecture “Thinking in the Future” on the forum’s YouTube channel and accounts on the social media.
Dr. Al-Anzi considered that thinking about the future is an instinct of the human being. A rational and mature person works to secure his future, whether on the financial, social,  family or self-development level in addition to giving due attention to the spiritual and health aspect. He assured that thinking about the future is necessary. It is true that this should not be of more priority to the present and the necessities of present life, since every person should achieve a balance between all life aspects. Therefore, there is no objection against enjoying beautiful moments, amusing companions while at the same time planning for the future, as this helps to overcome anxiety and excessive thinking that muddles the present and disturbs the future.
Dr. Al-Anzi explained that the present and moments of pleasure experienced by a person determine the features of the future. Moments of tranquillity and happiness experienced by a person in the surrounding community, consolidation of social and family relations and even discussion of immediate and cultural issues may positively affect the future and help a person clear his mind and think rationally.
The psychologist specified two types of thinking about the future: constructive and destructive. The first type drives a person to deal positively with the future and to plan clearly, avoiding the problems and difficulties he might face. One the other hand, the second type makes a person distracted, afraid. He loses his focus due to the trauma he is exposed to at a certain stage in his life. This impedes his thinking and confuses his vision. The psychologist assured that righteous religion of Islam advises us to think about the future as human beings is called on to do good deeds, devote himself to work and balance his behaviours. All these matters can be achieved only by positively considering your actions and your future.
At the conclusion of the lecture, Dr. Al-Anzi proposed a set of solutions to help people think positively about the future. The most important of these is working to improve performance in the future by being aware of global developments, keeping up with such developments, bettering oneself through training and education. One should also abandon negative behaviours, fear and excessive anxiety, as well as generalizations and being judgmental and maximizing difficulties. He should be flexible, and maintain psychological energy and healthy and positive relationships with family and friends.
It is worth mentioning that the “Message of an Intellectual” program aims to convey the voices and messages of intellectuals to the society for the aim of developing it through constructive thinking and inspiring young people and encouraging them to practice self-development through culture and awareness.