His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, Minister of Culture, attended a session at the Mulhimoun Forum, discussing the success story of renowned poet Dr. Hassan Al-Naama and his literary career. The session was moderated by Dr. Rabia Al-Kuwwari, Professor of Media Studies at Qatar University. Dr. Al-Naama talked about his experience as a poet starting at the age of 16 when he wrote his first poems, some which have not been published yet. He noted that a selection of his poetry was published last year to serve as a model for aspiring poets. He also revealed his plans to publish the rest of his poetry collections.

Dr. Al-Naama continued, “The late Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, former Minister of Education, played a major role in launching my literary career. My nationalistic poems have been read in many Arab and Qatari events and celebrations. For the Qatari radio inauguration, I was one of the first contributors, as I wrote eulogies and poems about love and Arab rights and struggles. Years later, I was appointed ambassador to India and later to the United Nations in New York. However, I never forgot about poetry or Arab rights and struggles.” He expressed his gratitude to his Excellency the Minister of Culture for attending the session and for continuously supporting cultural activities. He also expressed his hopes that the younger generations will lead the caravan of progress and development by relying on culture and enlightenment. He concluded by calling for the study of the literary heritage left by early Qatari poets and writers who paved the way for new generations of poets, and for the organization of seminars and lectures on Qatari poets and writers.