The Qatari Forum for Authers had presented via its YouTube channel, new episode from the program” An Intellectual Journey in the State of Qatar,” during which Professor Mariam Yassin Hamadi, Director-General of the Forum, hosted Dr. Emtenan Al- Samadi, a Jordanian writer and academic at the University of Qatar. At the beginning, Dr. Emtenan thanked The Qatari Forum for Authers. She expressed her pleasure at this meeting, which she saw as a great opportunity to express her feelings for the time she spent in Doha with a distinguished elite of intellectuals, performers and creators.


She continued “Qatar call any person with potentials ton devote it for this kind society. I felt that I am a part from the university of Qatar. We found that we can put our female students in the way for publishing and we go from self – writing to publishing in local newspapers in collaboration with Professor Saleh Ghraib, who has been supportive of us since the beginnings.


There were many successful experiences and I was very proud of them, among which she said: I recall that I was able to bring students from the university to the cultural salon when the Ministry of Culture had its cultural salon in 2012. It was a special experience that was written about in the newspapers as a beautiful, stimulating and promising experience. I think that publishing female students in newspapers and also their presence at the Ministry’s activities and events is both proud and accomplished.


Diving into some of her different creative experiences in the State of Qatar, she said: There is another experience that I am proud of, which is connecting the university to theatre. It was for me that I was a member of the panel of the texts of performances and watched them for several years, and this experience was very rich, as I got to know the Qatari cultural center directly.


She thanked all the creators with whom she had collaborated and shared those experiences, from the able Professor Moses Zinl to the professors and creators who, after God, had been credited with linking the University and the Ministry of Culture. We presented with them what we presented in many experiments that changed the students’ view of the theater, which was believed It is the theater of clowns, so the students came and found a message, value and goal presented on the stage.


As for her experience with Katara Cultural Village, Dr. Emtenan said that her experience with Katara was the experience of establishing and launching with the able Dr. Fatima Al-Suwaidi, by launching the Katara Prize for Novel, which was in its first season in 2015, and we set the criteria that will be judged in winning this competition. Through it, we have been able to bring the names of Arab critics and writers who have their presence and their footprint in the Arab world. They have come to find an award no less important than any that they have achieved in the Arab world.


From Katara to Qatar TV and the TV-sponsored show “Eloquence,” about which she said: This is a unique experience. The idea at the time was that singing and art competition programs such as “Arab Idle” and “The voice” were all directed towards performing arts that sponsored a particular group in certain circumstances. We appreciate all the arts. But in Qatar the aspiration was to present a program that serves the youth and the nation, so it was the fluency program that serves the Arabic language, and I was leading the scientific team to prepare the material for the program.