Within its cultural activities for the new season, Al Jasra Cultural and Social Club 2020 organized a workshop titled “Domestic Violence”. The workshop previewed all types and forms of psychological effects resulting from domestic violence such as; physical and verbal violence, economic violence, sexual violence, and the last form which is psychological and intellectual violence. In addition to analyzing each and every form, the lecture demonstrated the effects of domestic violence by giving examples. It also touched on the causes of domestic violence which vary from social, economic, psychological and personal. Moreover, it addressed the domestic violence impact on women, men, children and the elderly as well as the society at large, focusing on the psychological effects and their results such as; family disintegration, increasing number of divorce cases, insecurity and juvenile delinquency. The workshop concluded with the methods to be followed for remedying domestic violence, awareness and prevention programs and required legal and procedural actions, and the provision of community services.