As part of its summer activities plan, Doha Youth Center organized a workshop entitled “How successful people think?” that was presented by the trainer and researcher in leadership training Mr. Hussein Habib Al-Sayed, via visual communication within Zoom application. The trainer started his speech with some studies an analyses of different successful personalities from the world and results of these studies.


He confirmed that the common factor among all successful personalities is the way they think as it is the only feature that distinguishes successful people from others.

He said, “The way of thinking can be acquired and therefore can change a person’s life for the better as the way of thinking is the basis and it affects emotions, thoughts and changes behavior or body sensations”.


The lecturer explained the reasons why the person needs to change his way of thinking. The human is a profitable investment and needs real effort because the human doesn’t change by himself. He continued his speech about how to develop thinking where passion and love of learning come and accompanying distinguished people is one of the most important issues that has the ability to develop thinking. In addition, reading, love of exploration and future vision are from the important issues to develop thinking.


The trainer demonstrated some live examples from our real life and how they changed their way of thinking and become successful and reflected this success on those around them. He indicated that the successful people have optimistic view despite problems they face as they see the bright side of problems they face and they also realize obstacles and possible solutions as they don’t despair or give up.


He praised the great interaction with the participants in the workshop as this is evidence of participants’ awareness and their realization to the importance of the topic and their desire to benefit as can as possible from this meeting.