A number of artists emphasized that the latest edition of Doha Theatre Festival was characterized by a great diversity, where theatrical groups partnered with production companies, university students, talented and community-based people to create a cultural event that contributes to the development and stimulation of creative experiences among theatre-goers, which is considered as a clear mirror that reflects the realities of the community. In statements to Raya on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of 35th Doha Theatre Festival, they noted that the performances have warmed the hearts of the artists. Thus, it allowed the theatrical community to learn about new artistic faces to present a more integrated and diverse art panel with its creations. They also praised the role of the Ministry of Culture in artistic and theatrical mobility and the great support of artists, stressing that with all this great success and renaissance in various fields, the success of the cultural aspect has come. They explained that this interest in the theatre stems from the fact that it is an important place in the lives of peoples over the ages and times, and in all civilizations, where the theatre has always and forever been present as a mirror reflecting the features of society, and in the same context, some artists made a number of remarks that they deemed necessary to be taken into account in future editions to being the best.


Nasser Al-Hammadi says: Building a network of relations with dramatist

The artist Nasser Al-Hammadi, the Head of Alwatan Theater Group, confirmed that theatre festivals are cultural events aimed at promoting theatre art and encouraging theatricals and groups to show their talents and performances. Thus, the management of any festival must have the prime responsibility to organizing and managing the event including the selection of plays and participating groups, arranging the schedule of performances and providing the necessary resources for the festival’s success, noting that the theatre festival always aims to promote theatrical culture and encourage creativity and excellence in this field; and provide an opportunity for audiences to enjoy outstanding theatrical performances and learn about the talents of local and international plays. He stressed the need for festival directors to work towards the development of a clear and comprehensive plan for the festival, including the identification of themes, objectives, timetable, available budget, advertising and marketing for the event. We must also build a network of professional relationships with theatricals and theatre groups, sponsoring companies, government agencies and other relevant institutions.

Al-Hammadi questioned: Where is Doha Theatre Festival from all these things? By stressing that cooperation would be done with a professional team specializing in festival management and provision for substantive and technical support needed for remaking the festival a success. The experiences of other theatrical festivals should be studied and conclude lessons learned, and expand their communications to obtain additional support and funding if necessary.


Hamad Al-Rumaihi: A review of the festival mechanism is required

The artist Hamad Al-Rumaihi thanked H. E. Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Minister of Culture the return of Doha Theatre Festival and its lasting and generous support for cultural and artistic activity in our beloved State of Qatar, but he gave some of remarks, which he thought would lead to a decline in the level. He said many people wondering where the theatricals were from the festival and where the artist Hamad al-Rumaihi was”; and to those I tell that: what we see is called a theoretical activity; it is a cocktail of participations, which lacks competitiveness, representing in awards, arbitration committees and generous financial support to accomplish major works that competes in our Gulf and Arab festivals. Al-Rumaihi said that: A clear working mechanism is required for the festival and a well-known script selection committee, and he added by saying that: We had a committee called the Standing Committee of Festivals reading the works of texts or shows, with the participation of the heads of the civil groups and a group of directors and senior authors. The selection process is occurred by free vote and not by the mood of a person. These images were adopted so that the Director of the Centre would not act in his mood, nor does the Director of the Centre have the right to have the opening show authored by him, without reference to the Qatari authors and bring the idea before them, keeping in mind that they are too many. Some said that Hamad Al-Rumaihi had boycotted the festival because the committee that had approved the texts had rejected his text, he said: I had submitted my text and it was rejected according to the statement of the director of the center, but if my text was accepted, I would not participate with an amount of 150 thousand and I was planning a big comedy. He added: I am certain that the Ministry does not fail to support generously, but the Director and Assistant of the Centre are convinced that the amounts given are sufficient to make a theatrical work. In conclusion, he said that: “After current status of Doha Theatre Festival, I call in the name of the most theatricals the officials to meet the Qatari pioneers of theatrical movement and consider their views on the situation of the Center for Theatre Affairs.


Hadiya Saeed: New Artistic Faces

The artist, Hadiya Saeed, described the festival as a great theatrical wedding, and praised the distinguished organization and large attendance. She said that the performances have warmed the hearts of the artists. It allowed the theatrical community to learn about new artistic faces brought by the festival programs. She said that: It’s more integrated and included diversity and different creations, where experienced artists were present with young people, which she deemed had contributed to creating a great art mix; and she advised young people to listen well to and benefit from advices and guidance. She emphasized that art is a message and the artist must sacrifice for his message even if the financial support is less than required. Hadiya praised the wonderful state created by the festival this year, by opening a wide door to a very large segment  of young talent who want to enter the acting.


Dr. Bashar Abdulreza: Distinguished Art Treatment

Dr. Bashar Abdul Hussein Abdulreza deems that Doha Theatre Festival works to activate the theatrical movement by presenting outstanding theatrical performances in which the intellectual, directorial and artistic trends are diverse. and also contributes to the development of the theatrical consciousness of young theatricals, pointing out that the distinctive image on which the festival emerged this year promises a real theatrical future that keeps pace with Qatar’s progress in all areas of development asserting that progress is measured by the existence of theatres, arts and culture, which help to develop, educate and raise awareness of society.

Abdulreza expressed his pleasure at the invitation extended to him by the Ministry of Culture to attend the festival, praising the role that Qatar attaches to the cultural aspect, artistic and theatrical mobility, and the great support of artists, adding: Qatar besides all this success and great renaissance in urban, economic and sporting, and in various fields has not forgotten the cultural aspect.


Yousef Al-Jarrah: Developing and stimulating creative experiences

The Saudi artist Youssef Al-Jarrah confirmed that Doha Theatre Festival is a distinctive cultural event contributing to the development and stimulation of creative experiences of theatre-goers, which is a clear mirror that reflects the realities of society, through its theatrical performances, its texts are based on the realities of society, and quotes many events and realities to be embodied into theatrical performances. He pointed out that theatre is occupies an important place in the` peoples’ lives over the ages and times. In all civilizations, the theatre was present as a mirror reflecting the features of society; as it is one of the cultural expressions, the importance of theatre comes in shaping the recipient’s consciousness and thought through his simulations of feelings and mobilization of emotions, then broadcasting them in the social horizons, raising awareness levels in many different matters and issues of social concern”; keeping in mind that Qatar’s theatrical movement has returned to activity again; and he pointed out that the festival, according to his followed, is most distinguished by a wide range of young talents who have hoped to have a distinctive future onstage in Qatar and internationally.