Doha Stadium event in Darb Al Saai is witnessing a large turnout of children and their families, and this event was created this year in conjunction with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, indicating that this global event is the main interest of everyone, young and old, in the country.

For his part, Abdul Rahman Al-Kuwari, the head of Doha Stadium event, said in a statement to “Doha 360” that the event is divided into several areas, which is the sand court area, that witnesses a turnout from young people to play football on the sand, and there is the large screen area through which matches of the World Cup are shown daily.

Al-Kuwari added that the goal of the event is to entertain families and their children while they play football in a place where all safety factors are available.

The event allows children to practice football in groups while wearing Qatari clothes, imitating the parents and grandparents who used to play it in this way and on the sandy field, as the observer of the event finds that it brings to mind the lives of the ancients and how they used to play that game.

Doha Stadium event site provides all the services that allow families to spend special times with their children.

The organizing committee for the activities of the National Day was keen that Doha Stadium area be a true embodiment of football stadiums in the past, which was evident through the sand stadium, for example.

Every visitor to Darb Al Saai is keen to visit Doha Stadium event with its FIFA World Cup atmosphere, especially since Darb Al Saai has become the destination of many football fans, fans of the teams participating in the World Cup, as well as the fans of citizens and residents who are fans of the game, who are keen to visit Doha Stadium event daily, and many of them accompany their children to practice football and enjoy the interesting heritage sports atmosphere.