Yesterday evening, Qatar Scientific Club of the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized an interactive session on alternative solutions to confront Coronavirus, with the innovators who participated in the “Doha Oasis for Innovation” during the Doha Islamic Youth Forum. The session was held on the Club’s social media platforms and via the “Zoom” application.
During the session, the Club’s Technical Director, Eng. Abdulrahman Khamis, presented a set of solutions that the club came up with as its contribution to tackling Coronavirus. Recommendations from the participants in this session were also discussed via these means of remote communication.
It should be mentioned that since the beginning of the crisis, the Club has organized several different workshops every working day in electronics, mechanics, manufacturing and innovation. It has also designed and implemented several important projects that help protect against the risk of being infected with Coronavirus and are in line with the critical times the world is going through. In addition, the Club receives engineering questions from members and provides online discussions and consultations for them. Moreover, it developed interactive educational applications and videos on YouTube. The Centre has also activated electronic applications for members who wish to renew their membership or people who would like to apply for a new membership at the Scientific Club.