Volume No. 166 of the Doha Cultural Journal of August was recently published by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Ministry of Culture and Sports brings together within its folds many Arab and international cultural files to achieve further enhancement to its status as a meeting place for Arab creativity and human culture.

In the editorial, Editor Khaled Al – Awdah Al – Fadli wrote an article entitled “A Historic Stop in the Path of Reform and Modernity,” during which he spoke about the elections to the Shura Council, which he described as a historic step in the reform process that began a while ago. One of the reports and issues contained in the issue was a dialogue entitled “The land will soon be emptied of its population,” The volume also devoted a file on how Doha faced the pandemic of the century, in addition to translating several important dialogues.

While Adam Fathi wrote an article entitled “The Mirror of Desire,” Dr. Marzouk Bashir wrote about “The Credibility of Traditional Media,” along with a report by Abdel Wahab Al-Ansari on digital currencies and the future of financial transactions. The issue included a selection of African poetry.