Ministry of Culture and Sports issued recently the issue number 165 of the Doha Cultural Magazine for the month of July. This issue includes various Arab and International Cultural files to continue strengthening its position as a forum for Arab creativity and human culture. In the editorial of the issue, editor-in-chief Khaled Al-Awda Al-Fadhli wrote an article entitled “Qatar Economic Forum-Reimaging the World” referring to the speech of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, at the opening of the “Qatar Economic Forum in cooperation with Bloomberg” in its first edition held under the slogan “New Horizons for Tomorrow”. He confirmed that the forum constitutes a link to move forward in exploitation of the State of Qatar to its strategic position as a bridge to enhance international cooperation and communication and to consolidate its leading position as one of the global destinations and a center for decision making and constructive initiatives.


Among the reports and issues included in this issue is a report entitled “The Theory of Dictatorship and Neo-Fascism” by the French philosopher Michel Onfrey in which he sheds the light on a new type of authoritarianism in its newly developed forms embodied in a totalitarian system of digital surveillance, global capitalism and stages of political reform.


Aziz Azgay wrote, “From the Economy of Culture to Cultural Industries”. This issue includes also a file on the pandemic including a number of topics such as “Art in the time of the pandemic: From real to virtual” and from “Improvisation to adaptation: Is there a pilot on the plane?!, “The Pandemic and butterfly’s defect: we walk towards the abyss if we don’t change”. Moreover, the issue includes another file entitled “Transhumanism” which included a number of articles namely “Posthumanism between Radicalism and Spirituality”, “Stefan Sorgener: The Most Dangerous Idea”, “Can the Cyborg save the Future of Philosophy?!”, while Amjad Jamal wrote an article entitled “An Enemy Helps Us Discover Ourselves,”.


Moreover, the issue includes an article by Tayee El-Deeb entitled “Artificial Intelligence Journalism.”


The issue included a variety of articles where Mohammad wrote “Another Sarter…The Face and The Back.” Mohammad Fahmy wrote “The Relationship of Criticism to Artistic Impact.”


Ayman Noaman also wrote an article entitled “Cosmopolitanism….What is the benefit of involving an old idea?, in addition to selections from the contemporary Afghan Poetry entitled “My Misguidance from my Guidance”. Finally, Abdel Razaq Al Qalasi wrote an article about Nizar Shaqroun, the poet of opposites and the unfamiliar.