Doha International Book Fair, in its 32nd edition, which is currently being held at Doha Exhibition and Conference Center, hosted the Jordanian writer and novelist Ayman Al-Atoum in an open meeting as part of the exhibition’s cultural events.

During the session, which was moderated by the Omani writer Ahmed Al-Alawi, writer Ayman Al-Atoum spoke about the importance of reading in human life and the most important challenges facing the reader, stressing that reading gives life to a person, and that it is like tourism in the minds of others, opening windows to the absolute, and elevating the reader to horizons that are not limited by anyone stressing that reading is required in various fields, even if the belief differs with the writer, and it also makes a difference in all fields. The doctor, for example, who is distinguished by reading and following up on a research, is undoubtedly different from his counterpart who sufficed with testimony, stressing that reading removes a person from fixed societal circles. Thus, it opens new horizons on various angles and faces.

He also touched on his experience with writing, which began writing poetry since he was eight to last for 25 years, then, he moved with deliberate planning to writing the novel, and that he felt the Arab community’s interest in the novel, indicating that the reason for this demand is due to the fact that poetry is of a high level in language and is condensed in meanings, And it includes submission, delay, deletion, and rhetorical images that require mental effort, while the novel is close and clear in meaning, so, it is closer to the reader who sometimes lives with the protagonists of the novel.

He explained that he turned to literature on major humanitarian issues, so he wrote on freedoms, resistance to racism, and others, in a way that bring his writings to humanity as a whole.

Afterwards, he mentioned that the beginning of his writing was the diary, which was the beginning of many Arab and foreign writers, pointing out that he loved reading from the family, as his father owned a huge library, and the family used to practice reading, stressing that the presence of a library in the home is an important motivation for reading, but with the necessity of providing role models from father and mother, because children imitate their fathers, stressing that after getting used to reading, it turns into mental pleasure, and the reader will see its fruit later, whether in writing or otherwise.

Besides, he also talked about his love for Arabic, and that he went to study it, especially grammar and morphology, after studying geometry, which he directed to, yielding to the mind of society, which is considered a necessity for obtaining the highest grades in high school, so as either to go to study medicine or engineering, and this is not found in the West, considering that the grammar in it is logical and philosophical, and the exchange in it is constructive.

About the inter textuality between the titles of his novels with the Holy Qur’an, such as the novels (Oh my companions of the prison – a group of jinns – the hadith of the soldiers, and others), he said that he chose to resort to the text of the highest language and rhetoric as long as this was permissible.